Galtline Platinum

About the Brand

ELEGANCE is always understated, never flaunted – it has been said that Jackie Kennedy Onassis, after meticulous consideration of her overall look for the day/evening, always took off one piece of jewelry before she was seen in public.  Less is always more, if you know how to do it. The contradiction of fads of large overstated jewelry versus classical unassuming adornments has continued throughout the history of style. The lasting impression of a confident woman is that her embellishments quietly whisper volumes about her ~ her taste, her style, her poise.

I have been interested in design as long as I can remember.  As a young girl, I used to doodle all the time, designing whimsical clothing, jewelry, hats, and handbags.  The ideas and designs have developed into sophisticated, unique ornaments inspired by classical Greek adornments, Russian treasures, and modern industrial technology.  The ultimate goal of our designs is function, form and content, resulting in quiet, tasteful, timeless pieces for the professional woman.” Melanie Jarrell

All of the Galtline Platinum designs are created of the highest quality and craftsmanship to provide the collector timeless design yet fresh, ingénue qualities.

United States of fine craftsmanship with an exclusive hand finish to a silvery patina.

Studios in New Orleans, Paris, and New York.

All products are crafted of 950 Platinum which provides a lasting silvery patina. Luxurious, sumptuous, and uniquely Platinum. Sold exclusively online and through our studios.

Once you put on a pair of Galtline Platinum earrings, the weight, elegance and demure design will enhance any outfit and create a soft shimmer around your face.